a few weeks have passed. it's quite tiring , mentally and physically..
since i'm in the 3rd semester of this programme, i'm getting exposed to the core part of it. no more fundamental, basic and such. everything i learn is getting more specific and hideous. huhuu

anyway, that's what it's all about isnt it? i'm supposed to face through all this stuff, arent i? even though it's cracking my brain, but i have to be strong. this is what ive choosen and i cant go back anymore. i know i can do this. even though it makes me cry, for having hard times to make myself able to understand it, but this is my future and this is going to be my life. oh God, be with me. hold me , cause only Your hands could do miracles to me. i'm weak but with u, i can do this.

i feel like ive hurt a few people lately, with my words, actions.. i dun wan to talk bout it but it makes me feel so bad. to those people, i apologize. i'm so sorry, i talk bad, i did stupid things. i'm so so sorry..=(

u noe, time can change people. i think , thats very true. n that people is also me. yes, ive changed. i dunno whether its good or bad, but ive seen that changes. and i dun feel like talking about it. lets just leave it like that....
k, bed time!
let's pray to God so that tomorrow will be more meaningful than today . =)
i love u God...


the 1st month of 3rd semester

ow my god.
it's really different from the 1st 2 sems. we had a lot of rush stuff to be done. the 1st week of the sem, we were called for a meeting already. the MPP decided to organize the KESUMAS (interfaculty sports event for UNIMAS) early. so, the exco was asking us, the MT of every sports club to handle our respective game. we, the volleyball people started first. we organized the event a week earlier from other sports. thank god we have our ex-president with us, so he was like guiding our current president and us on how to manage the event smoothly. luckily everything went smoothly,,we spent the whole weekend at the volleyball court.
it was funn! though i had to skip my softskill classes. haihhh.

and actually, our programme is planning to make an orientation trip for our juniors but, time wont allow us. there is a lot of other things that come in our way. huhuuu, so we decide to postpone it maybe after raya or some time during the holiday.anyway, academically, i'm not that ready yet. though a month has passed by. i need to catch up a lot of things. heat n mass transfer is a killer course. i need to keep an eye on that. math is bearable. thermo is ok. and others, english n bm... i hope i can do good.huhuuu.
and did i tell u that i have 7 straight hours of analytical chemistry on saturday every
okay, need to get ready for class!


its been ages huh? hahaaa
well, i'm currently having my HOOLIDAYYY and i have NO TIME for bloggin , facebookin and anything related to it. i am giving my full time on babysitting my baby aka noty boy aka damian aka bdk manja.. hohoo
i am happy with the holiday. but at the same time it makes me worry. .

for God sake, why cant I have HIGH METABOLISM type of body so that i can munch anything i want without worrying about my belly and hips and butt and arms and thighs and chin and etc etc..??
i love the holiday food, even if its just a simple breakfast with tasteless nasi goreng and kopi O . or lunch with tangoh uvek kelei or dinner with babi/keli/ayam soup only. hooohoo.
anyway, since ive tasted most of the home-cooked food already, so now, i'm trying to control a lil bit of my appetite. .nanti jd tong drum kan susah. hahaa.

i am enjoying this holiday very verry veryy much!!


i will always believe in u Father

"When a man takes one step toward God, God takes more steps toward that man than there are sands in the worlds of time."

my dream guy

fancy him sooo muchhhh
go go mr kaka. . ^__^


holiday is coming!

3 days to go!
finally, its the end of my 1st year in uni!
thank God for being with me from the start.
it felt like just yesterday, i was smiling to strangers and introduced myself to them.
most of them are my frens now. heheee.
aww come on bulan, why talking the nonsense?
still left another 3 years for u here, in unimas.
tiba2 nak emo2 pasal leaving uni for holiday ni kenapa?

nola, i'm just trying to appreciate my alma mater ni ba.
mana tau dpt berkat for my final tis sem. anyway, talking about final, 3/4 of it is done. though not satisfactorily, but at least, i din left my papers clean and white. at least, i did scribble , though it might be nonsense, but , also called ANSWERS on my papers. hehee.
but, honestly, i did my VERY BEST already. i dun play2 with these kind of stuff ok? pointers and grades are IMPORTANT to me. but, i know, i cudnt be sure about the results. i leave these in God's hands. of course, i DO want him to grant my wish, that is to get higher pointer this time.

and also, frankly, i can say that i improved this time. i mean, excluding my final. so far, my carry marks especially in MEB and math and EM were quite relieving. my fren, apis even mentioned it to me. he said i showed quite a good performance this sem.
hermm, thank u apis. but, i still cant "phewhh" just yet. i'm not that confident about my final. kinda tough i might say. at least i hv to get afew As' for the 3 credits subjects. huhuuu.

tomorrow is jess's bday. hohoo.
HAPPY BDAY GAL. may God bless ya and may all ur wishes wud cum true... hihiii
jgn nakal2 lagi my baby no 1 ni..

owya, it's confirmed already. next sem, we'll be staying in the same apartment, and the same room! yahooo!! i AM WAY BEYOND HAPPY to know about this.
our apartment ni dah jadi macam family dah. really like sisters. we were comfortable with each other. even ada my frens, like kak mas, said that, she's amazed to see how close we are wif to each other. next sem, dapat lagi stay sama. yeayy!

hurmm, i think, i'm the first one going back home. of course, i'm all alone this time . malas nak kacau amai and uwek . amai did offer to fetch me up. but to think back, its been a few times already , and i feel guilty pulak nak menyusahkan dorg. lagipun,
I AM A BIG GIRL NOW. come on., xkan naik bus pun susah. hahaa. its just that, i'm still worry bout my safety jakla. if naik plane, i x kisahla. if bus ni, takut sikit la. huhuu.
May God be with me. betul2 x sbr nak jumpa damian ni. huhuuu.

okay, goin to take a nap now. i woke up at 4 this morning, trying to absorb as much as i can for thermo. wic end up to be quite dissapointing (blame me for this cuz i din read the revision papers properly) but hopefully mr nazeri wud at least give marks for my jalan kira. huhuuuuu.



for u

I never need to see the sun again, there's enough light in your eyes to light up all the world.
my own edition.
ive been posting a few in my tumblr,
anyway, just check these out~

final again

2 more weeks till holiday..
and i'm freaking excited rite now. i cant wait to set my foot at home. huhuu
anyway, exam mood is on now. ive sat for HE yesterday. the questions were bearable.
and i'm preparing for maths this comin friday. huhuuu.
1st n 2nd ODE are goin to be my bestfrens in this few days.
and also next week is going to be a lil bit tougher.
with organic chemistry, MEB, thermo and EM.
God bless me..
He's all I need now.. may He show me the way, guide me through this challenging moment of life. I wanna get more than 3.00 this time. I have to prove to myself that I can get more than I expected. huhuuu.

i'm missing damian !!
cant wait to have him in my arms..
to kiss his cheeks , to squezee him..
baby, i'll see u in two weeks time~


the unspoken love
it is real
it floats.
it dances. it plays.

by itself.
it hid itself very well.
never appear in front of others.
only in the hearts of the lovers.
it's full of mystery.
that takes time to be revealed.
will it be as sacred as it seems?
Let's leave it to God's hands
as He is the one who will show it. reveal it.
making it clear to the two hearts.

that they are always meant to each other,

that the hidden love will reveal itself at the right moment,

and the right time,

at the right place,
and everything falls perfectly .
as these two hearts meet.
and declare the secret love.
and sharing their dreams. forever..
and ever
and ever