final again

2 more weeks till holiday..
and i'm freaking excited rite now. i cant wait to set my foot at home. huhuu
anyway, exam mood is on now. ive sat for HE yesterday. the questions were bearable.
and i'm preparing for maths this comin friday. huhuuu.
1st n 2nd ODE are goin to be my bestfrens in this few days.
and also next week is going to be a lil bit tougher.
with organic chemistry, MEB, thermo and EM.
God bless me..
He's all I need now.. may He show me the way, guide me through this challenging moment of life. I wanna get more than 3.00 this time. I have to prove to myself that I can get more than I expected. huhuuu.

i'm missing damian !!
cant wait to have him in my arms..
to kiss his cheeks , to squezee him..
baby, i'll see u in two weeks time~

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