a few weeks have passed. it's quite tiring , mentally and physically..
since i'm in the 3rd semester of this programme, i'm getting exposed to the core part of it. no more fundamental, basic and such. everything i learn is getting more specific and hideous. huhuu

anyway, that's what it's all about isnt it? i'm supposed to face through all this stuff, arent i? even though it's cracking my brain, but i have to be strong. this is what ive choosen and i cant go back anymore. i know i can do this. even though it makes me cry, for having hard times to make myself able to understand it, but this is my future and this is going to be my life. oh God, be with me. hold me , cause only Your hands could do miracles to me. i'm weak but with u, i can do this.

i feel like ive hurt a few people lately, with my words, actions.. i dun wan to talk bout it but it makes me feel so bad. to those people, i apologize. i'm so sorry, i talk bad, i did stupid things. i'm so so sorry..=(

u noe, time can change people. i think , thats very true. n that people is also me. yes, ive changed. i dunno whether its good or bad, but ive seen that changes. and i dun feel like talking about it. lets just leave it like that....
k, bed time!
let's pray to God so that tomorrow will be more meaningful than today . =)
i love u God...

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