reflections of life

today, stpm result wud be out. hemmm, i hope ayak, ungan and my other stpm frens wud get great rsults. hopefully better than me. hohoo.
i heard ayak n ungan want to apply for teachers. they had apply for UPSI and i heard ayak wants to try USM too. i pray so that they cud get watever they want. . hopefully there wont be any disappointment like wat i've been through before. huhuu. some people might think i'm still a smart , intelligent student like what i used to be. but then, time can change people. that's what happened to me. at least, that's what i think happened to me. huhuu
but then i'm not saying that i'm giving up. i'll try my best to do better especially in my academics.
cuz i'm no pretty. i'm no attractive.
but then i hope people cud see me for my brain n my inside. that's wat i'm always trying to polish up. at least people wont look me down just because i dun have the look.
hohooo. and yeah, as for my friends. i hope they can achieve watever their dreams are.

cuz we came from the average families. we are neither more nor less than other families. so it's like our families really depend on us to chnge things a bit. so that our situation wont fall into the less families. im not saying that we are not being thankful for what we have now. i think our condition now is already enough for us to survive. but of course we want to have sumthing better rite. at least, next time, i want to see my parents goyang kaki and every month just receive money from me like what i do now. heheee
i think all of us think of the same thing right?
and i believe that's what my frens think too. tats y i hope that those stpm frens of mine cud get great results and get great uni and achieve their dreams. .

and as for me i'm goin to continue this journey. though i used to fall a bit last time and my path is actually a bit out from what i've always planned, but i noe, as long as i'm not giving up continuing this(since it's also directing to the same destination), i'm going to be there soon. in God's blessing. i believe nothing is impossible ..
isnt it?

and as always, i hope my Father will always bless me and this journey of mine.



sweet yet busy holiday

2nd day after chinese new year holiday ended.
i want more holiday!!!

anyway,i came back to unimas a day earlier . the reason is because this week is goin to be my hell week. i just finished doing the material balance test yesterday which turned out to be quite relieving, though i'm unsure how's my result going to be like. and tomorrow i'll be sitting for the organic chemistry test and the next day would be the math quiz which covers all the 1st ODE and its application. pheewww~

and it ain't stop till this week. next week is going to be HELLer than this week. we'll be having another make-up quiz for material balance on monday, thermo test on tuesday, math test on thursday if i'm not mistaken and HE test on friday. all this info excludes the tutorials, assignments and lab reports! and i have volleyball practice every evening for the upcoming inter-college sports carnival!

it's super duper pack!!

anyway, i want to talk a lil bit bout my holiday last week. overall, it was a sweet yet quite busy holiday. right after i reached bintulu, amai brought us back to highway cafe(uwek's cafe). the next day, after we visited ingau and uku epik at UJ, we went to Lg Urun for the 'Majlis Kahwin mengikut Adat Kenyah' of Amai Akang. He invited a lot of relatives from uwek's side. All from Miri, Lg Selatong and Tanjung and from some other places . I din recognize most of the faces but they knew me. hahaa. bad of me huh? din recognize my own relatives. and i get to meet most of my cousins. My my, they've turn into fit, tall and strong handsome young men now. as for the girls, yeah i can see the ladies side of them now. not the childish attitude as what we have been a long time ago. but it's good to be reunited with them again. we talked, joked around and all.
but most of the time, we helped the adults preparing for the wedding. i spent most of the time in the kitchen, doing chores here and there. i din have the chance to witness the wedding when it was held. huhuuu. can u imagine, i din even have time to shower.
as soon as i woke up, i only had a few moments for breakfast before started to do the kitchen stuff on the day. cuz u noe, we had to serve food for the guests.
fuhh. it was very tiringgg~

and then. on monday, the whole big family went for a picnic . there were 4 to 5 cars used and uwek's lorry was also used to bring us. imagine how big our family are. hahaaaa. we had fun of course. the party din end there just yet. the adults continued the fun after we reached home from the picnic. they partied till midnight i tell u. these adults pun lebih2 pulak i tgk.

ok, end story of my amai akang's wedding . the next event i had last week was damian's birthday party. of course his bday was a few weeks before but i requested from uwek to wait for me to come back . hehehee. the party was held in the evening but we had to start prepare from early in the morning . uwek prepared the list of dishes and we had to help her doing it. we made fried fillet in sauce, sotong goreng chilli kering, BBQd wings, mixed vege, fried bee-hon, watermelon pudding and pitoh(kayan-kenyah's popular nasi pulut in banana leaves/any other accepted leaves)heheeee.

it was great as well. but i cant get rid of the tiredness doing all the stuff. huhu. but then, who cares about being tired if u can have fun doing those stuff kan? hehee. hemmm, yang penting, i miss my sweet moments spent together with my family.

sometimes, i feel grateful that i could get the nearest uni from home. i think as i grow up, i cant leave my family aside, i cepat sangat rindu dengan they all. not like when i was in skool, though i was far in semenanjung, i din really miss them like what i feel now. huhuu . maybe because of damian's presence in the family kot. hehehh.

anyway gotta go. remember my list of the upcoming tests n quizzes up there??