the 1st month of 3rd semester

ow my god.
it's really different from the 1st 2 sems. we had a lot of rush stuff to be done. the 1st week of the sem, we were called for a meeting already. the MPP decided to organize the KESUMAS (interfaculty sports event for UNIMAS) early. so, the exco was asking us, the MT of every sports club to handle our respective game. we, the volleyball people started first. we organized the event a week earlier from other sports. thank god we have our ex-president with us, so he was like guiding our current president and us on how to manage the event smoothly. luckily everything went smoothly,,we spent the whole weekend at the volleyball court.
it was funn! though i had to skip my softskill classes. haihhh.

and actually, our programme is planning to make an orientation trip for our juniors but, time wont allow us. there is a lot of other things that come in our way. huhuuu, so we decide to postpone it maybe after raya or some time during the holiday.anyway, academically, i'm not that ready yet. though a month has passed by. i need to catch up a lot of things. heat n mass transfer is a killer course. i need to keep an eye on that. math is bearable. thermo is ok. and others, english n bm... i hope i can do good.huhuuu.
and did i tell u that i have 7 straight hours of analytical chemistry on saturday every
okay, need to get ready for class!

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