i am now sitting in McD(LCCT) spending my time(which crawl sl0wer than a tortoise) before i catch my plane. its my last day in kl. i flew here 3 days ago wif ulau. i was goin to meet up wif sum frens and also takin back my SPM slips. well, both were done xcept i din meet most of the frens.most of my frens ive been longing to meet. huu.

things were not goin accordin to plan but everythin went smoothly. at 1st i was plannin to stay wif echot. we did talk about it but i din really confirmed it to her and plus a day before i flew she told me she's having her exam. huu. i shudnt disturb her cz she really needs tym for herslf to the same tym i chatted wif wani. thank god she was ter for me. i was n am stil feeling guilty. she offerd to have me stay wif her for 2 nites. if its not bcz of her i wud have been spendin al0t for some stupid hotel rates for the whole trip.

and so i spent the two days wif her. i tried to contact back other frens. but some r not well,some are bz wif class,exam n so on and some din really respond to me. huu. i wonder if i come at the wrong tym wer no so many cud make a few moment to gather together. i keep on remindin myself not to b so dissapointed cuz everybody has their own life now. we had alot to do. plus even tho i got to meet only shah n wani on the 1st day,we had a great time tho. we gossiped,laughed,joking around.. they were really fun n tey were the same old shah and wani.except everyone is becomin more matured now.. heheee. thnaks to them for makin my day great.. and oh we had a sleep over at wani's. we watchd movie together n so on. n the next day wani sent me to train station to kl.

i was intending to gather up others again tat day but b4 tat i headed to kgh to take my sijil n such. but again no one can make it except for hana n her college frens. though there were two of us only , but i was happy too. hana made us buy the same t-shirts n we wore it toghter..hahaa. she updated me wif some stories ive missd out. hohoo.thanks hana. i'm sorry for makin u drivin ol the way from bangi just to see only me here(cuz i noe u(me too xtualy) were expecting others wud b ter..). after she went back, ulau n i chck in for a hotel near central.

tat nite i planned wif kah yee to meet up the next day. ngam2 sarah was goin to go shoppin at times square the nex day too. so i plannd to meet bof of thm there. but ky cudnt make it cuz she left her fon home n cudnt contact me. but i had a great time wif sarah n her rumate. we were shoppin like hell tat day. since i din really spent so much money b4, so i have afew hundreds to spend on d day heheee. well.not to myself only.ulau shared wif me k? huuu.

nisa did contact me but i din have enuf tym to make it since i need to b here in lcct at midnite. n oso feli.. she datang tym i nak gerak g lcct.

well. thats basically how my journey went. everytink is done well except i din meet almost everyone but those yg i met up were wonderful. thank u guys for making my trip fun.. i owe u guys alot..

oppss. my battery's runnin low. gtg. i'l update wif some pics we took togther..



unlicensed housewife

it has been nearly a month since my HOLIDAY started. i've been stucked home becoming "grapper" since then. hohoo. btw, i'm not really against it. what is else to do other than staying home. i can't work(since i don't know what work to do). and i can't go anywhere(cause i don't really feel like goink anywhere).heheee.

but then, as a normal asian(or should i specify to malaysian) teen girl, it is not so "sweet"(please direct translate it to BM), for me to just "shake legs"(again direct translate) at home right? so basically i spend my holiday becoming unlicensed housewife. in addition ulau is having her big exam, SPM , and so she is excluded of the house chores and i'm the one who's doing most of the stuff. but again i said MOST. sometimes i tell people to do it for me. well, what's the advantage of being the eldest among the siblings and the kazen mazen eh? heheee.

i had quite a few bad days before. i think it was food poison. i got a really bad head spin like skin was warm but i felt cold. urgghh. it was REAL BAD. then i vomited la. stomachache la. chair_red_bear_red la. heheee. thank god it's all over now.i did lost my appetite,which i'm glad to have. hehee. but i think today i'm completely perfect.

i'm going to kuching tomorrow. with ammai. we're attending my cousin's wedding, iset aka Richard(if i'm not mistaken).what should i wear huh?i want to buy a new dress fer me but no $$$ wo.. wuuuu~~ i need to save some for further stuff. heheee.
i'm thinking of pinjaming ulau's dress. but hers is quite sexy and not so proper for a wedding. i guess~ urghhh! why can't i have a bundle of m0ney right now in my account so that i can go shop whatever dress i like. ah? huhuuu...
*this paragraph is meant to tell u guys that i'm officially broke for the moment..*

well. i think that's how a graper should be. broke. hahhaa. ammai, uwek, i'm just praying that i could get some pocket money to kl later. heeehe. that's why i'm not so ngegeh2 all this while. just to save for the right time. hohoo.

so. let's hope for the best . aaha.
kl.frens.i'm meeting u guys soon!!