holiday is coming!

3 days to go!
finally, its the end of my 1st year in uni!
thank God for being with me from the start.
it felt like just yesterday, i was smiling to strangers and introduced myself to them.
most of them are my frens now. heheee.
aww come on bulan, why talking the nonsense?
still left another 3 years for u here, in unimas.
tiba2 nak emo2 pasal leaving uni for holiday ni kenapa?

nola, i'm just trying to appreciate my alma mater ni ba.
mana tau dpt berkat for my final tis sem. anyway, talking about final, 3/4 of it is done. though not satisfactorily, but at least, i din left my papers clean and white. at least, i did scribble , though it might be nonsense, but , also called ANSWERS on my papers. hehee.
but, honestly, i did my VERY BEST already. i dun play2 with these kind of stuff ok? pointers and grades are IMPORTANT to me. but, i know, i cudnt be sure about the results. i leave these in God's hands. of course, i DO want him to grant my wish, that is to get higher pointer this time.

and also, frankly, i can say that i improved this time. i mean, excluding my final. so far, my carry marks especially in MEB and math and EM were quite relieving. my fren, apis even mentioned it to me. he said i showed quite a good performance this sem.
hermm, thank u apis. but, i still cant "phewhh" just yet. i'm not that confident about my final. kinda tough i might say. at least i hv to get afew As' for the 3 credits subjects. huhuuu.

tomorrow is jess's bday. hohoo.
HAPPY BDAY GAL. may God bless ya and may all ur wishes wud cum true... hihiii
jgn nakal2 lagi my baby no 1 ni..

owya, it's confirmed already. next sem, we'll be staying in the same apartment, and the same room! yahooo!! i AM WAY BEYOND HAPPY to know about this.
our apartment ni dah jadi macam family dah. really like sisters. we were comfortable with each other. even ada my frens, like kak mas, said that, she's amazed to see how close we are wif to each other. next sem, dapat lagi stay sama. yeayy!

hurmm, i think, i'm the first one going back home. of course, i'm all alone this time . malas nak kacau amai and uwek . amai did offer to fetch me up. but to think back, its been a few times already , and i feel guilty pulak nak menyusahkan dorg. lagipun,
I AM A BIG GIRL NOW. come on., xkan naik bus pun susah. hahaa. its just that, i'm still worry bout my safety jakla. if naik plane, i x kisahla. if bus ni, takut sikit la. huhuu.
May God be with me. betul2 x sbr nak jumpa damian ni. huhuuu.

okay, goin to take a nap now. i woke up at 4 this morning, trying to absorb as much as i can for thermo. wic end up to be quite dissapointing (blame me for this cuz i din read the revision papers properly) but hopefully mr nazeri wud at least give marks for my jalan kira. huhuuuuu.


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