0k_by T2

seandainya kau bilang saja padaku
apa yang kau rasakan
tanpa harus diam dan diam lagi
buat ku tak mengerti

kau datang dan pergi
seperti siuk sendiri
kau suka ku suka
tapi berputar-putar

aku bingung sendiri melihatmu begini
kau buat aku jadi pusing
aku tau maumu, aku tau maksudmu
aku mau jawaban
cukup satu jawaban

aaa~ 0k
bilang saja ok
ku mau dengar ok

kau terlalu lama menggulung waktumu
aku jadi capek de
jelas2 kau sudah tau hatiku
kau tunggu apa lagi

pheww~ wat a weekend i had a few days ag0. wahahaa. i din do much xtualy but i felt gud.. hehe

kay . . maybe the first reas0n is bcuz everytink is 0ver. i mean, all the pr0jects, assignments blablabla.. ter's 0nly 0ne tink to go thru m0re .. final. huhuu~ nyway, at least ive been thru 3/4 of the wh0le sem thingi.. thnk god for that. eheee. n last saturday, i hibernated half of the day. haha. i din care bout anytink else except f0r sleeping n 0nly woke up to eat. heheee~ really pemalas kan? biasala ank muda zaman skrg.. hahaa. then on sunday pulak, i went 0ut wif ammai. he came f0r a c0nvensyen at rajah c0urt. he'l be staying here f0r about 3 days if m n0t mistaken. he n uncle janong brought me t0 the spring. i pikir dapatla ammai teman i g sh0pping kan? tp tuptup dia nk pergi rec0lor hair dia pulak dah.. haisshhh~ paksa la i jln s0rg2 for afew h0urs.. huaaaaaa~

nyways, pap0n, hasil jln sorg2 tu ive got to buy 2 t0ps . hehe. chnce dah ada, apa lagik. pa0w la~ hihiiii.. if ulau ada ryt n0w jgn hrapla ammai m0k bg $$ to me. ulau dah awl2 minta. hahaaa. but then one n0t so good thing happened to me was i had a really bad headache pulak tat day. veryy pain. . i tink ammai n0ticed but i tried to hide it. i rasa mcm nk pejam jak mata tym jln2 tuh. . huahuaa..

but 0verall it was a great day. i balek i terus terjun katil. releasing my pain in the head. hahaa.
seri0usly la. x habes2 dgn sakit palak ni. hentak dinding baru tauuww..

emm~ kayla. chaow. . . ^^



wuaa~ its raining outside.
gud tym to sleep. . ohohoooo. but NO! of course i cudnt sleep. in fact im in the cais rite n0w. wif kak she and tiqah. finishin our group pr0ject. but t0o bad i cudnt join them cuz tiba2 my inventor buat hal. cannot open. haissshhh~ s0 now im trying to finish electronic lab report tat is to b submitted tomoro too. hohoo. hemm u must wonder why are we the chemical students doing this mechy and electronic thingi. why arent we doing any chemy j0b? ahahaaa.

the answer is because chemical is a new c0urse in unimas. and we are the pioneer batch. we havent have our labs n workshops ready yet. hehee. so for the time being, we are doing all the basic engeneering courses . its weird but fun. . chemical eng is xtualy universal eng. we use all sorts of eng techniques in our course. so tis wudnt matter to us . .

aha. yesterday i was busy wif workshop pr0ject. they asked us to make a metal table. the skills needed are cutting the metal, measurin, grinding, and my fav one, welding. ahahaaa. it was tiring but fun. . th0ugh at last our table goyang2 sikit. but we were satisfied. then after tat kt0rg g chemical building. memang sunyi la. but rasa aman ja lepak sana.. uhuhuuu.

*foto group cadmium. eheeheee.nang messy jak upa mekorg cya..

ni muka b4 the welding pr0cess is d0ne. we're d0ing the base part of the table. . ohohoo

the welding pr0cess is in pr0gress

heee~ sempat lg berposing at chem building tym tgh spray pr0ject 1.
haha. jgn gelak auu~

hehe. rupa model kereta pr0ton saga.. muahahaaa. sayang b0dy x cun jakkk. .

best eyh main dgn benda bulat2 tuh. . mcm kanak2 riang. ahahaa~

life is fun!


senyum ~ senyum



well hell0 m0nday..

t0day m0ves super fast.
its aftern0on ody woo.. .
i fnish the fluid test a few h0urs ag0 wif d0zens regrets. huaaa
i saw the fuckin tut0rial questi0ns but i din try t0 study it pr0perly.
n then i end up scribbling n0nsense on the test paper.
tuuutttt urself fi0una.
muahahhaaaa. sengaja m0k cari pasal.
ada masa mau blajar k0 bj0li plakkk. kn dah kena. .
ahahaaa. .

later goin for an0tha LK diskusi0n. huhu.
we're inventing a f0ldable bicycle. . haha.
h0w ow? dunn0 la. c later wat the 0ther's punya idea. huhuu.

hey did i menti0n bout my dream tis m0rnin?
its freakin me 0ut. i dreamt b0ut a malaysian vampire (p0ntianak).
wuuaaaa~ the face memang scary gila. the stupidest part of the dream is tat i called her IBU!!
wat the fuck?! i din n0e how the hell i cn call a fuckin scary vampire ibu. . huhuu.
yg x bleh blah lg i cried gila babeng. its like pe0ple ar0und me tryin to seperate me fr0m her n i pr0tested really hard. wh00oaa~ memang la tat dream. realy scary oww..

cubalah edward cullen yg jd vampire kan best. xda ngeri sgt. lagi ak suka adala. ehehee. seri0usly xda ka a guy like him exist in tis w0rld? y cant he be real. .huhuu.

oit st0p the crap la bulan. xlamak lg m0k final ko gk m0k pkir bnda2 b0doh. dahla~ cut cut cut!!

d0w. ngant0k la. ku td0 2 jam jk td oww. ahaaa. sndri cari pasal .. naseb baik ada nescafe. hihii. thnks nescafe. weee~~

emm chaow la. hehe. th0ugh i din d0 well f0r the test just n0w but t0day is n0t tat bad f0r me. its just as l0vely as i wanted it t0 b. ekekee~x0xo


ch0p2. bagi ak c0mment sket pasal qu0te kat atas nie. GUYS & GIRLS, please ar if sumbody is making u as 0ne of the opti0ns , be glad to just f0rget HER/HIM ok. . penat2 ko harapkn dia , dia bukan nak ko bet0l2. apa yg penting ur heart jgn kena hurt n ur future xhancur. kay?? i believe k0rg pernah juak la kn terkena . ak pn a few times terkena tp we learn fr0m experience la ba kan?
even now im still tryin t0 c0ntrol my heart. dun get excited tat much 0n sumtink virtual. sumtyms it blinds u. cheee~ berfalsafah p0k. .
if u tink im wr0ng, just f0rget the ab0ve statements kay? hahaa.


my z0mbie week

its been awhile huh? hehe. yep, last week was a blast 0ne. it made me a z0mbie. . yep, no j0ke.. my eyes were in dark circles. . pale face (they said). xpecialy the lips part (due t0 lack of h20 intake) n weak b0dy. haha. my bed is my bag. b00ks , lappie , n 0l those stuff were all on it. sumtimes i slept wif em. hahaa. i better get used t0 it. kay u wanna n0e wat made me a z0mbie last week? let me sh0w ya...

my drawin pr0ject.
its uhmm an equipment i created t0 dry cl0thes wif0ut w0rrying b0ut the weather. k, let me xplain alil bit. when ure away fr0m home n its rainin, the cl0thes tat ure dryin 0utside get wet. s0 here i created an ampaian tat wud c0ver ur cl0thes when its g0in to rain.

h0w cud tat p0ssibly be? haha. kay, do u n0tice tat big semisphere on the t0p of tat thing. i call it the CAP. it functi0ns as the top c0ver as well as a heat abs0rber tat wud trap m0re sunlite to quicken the dryin pr0cess of cl0thes. emm, im n0t sure wether tis is a gud idea but i h0pe it wud help.

and do u n0tice the ring circling the cap? emm tats the m0st important part of this device. tat RING c0nsists of high quality plastic c0ver tat wud c0ver the cl0thes when the rain hits. but h0w does ot work? xtualy behind the plastic c0ver, i attached a temperature detector tat wud detect any temperature dr0p (means its goin to rain) and this wud initiate the mechanism t0 roll d0wn the cover t0 protect ur cl0thes. when the rain st0ps n the temperature rise again, it wud r0ll back the c0ver to its initial state. t0 make it more convenient, i dun use any electricity energy t0 w0rk the thing 0ut. instead i use s0lar energy cause its cheap, easy n renewable. hehe.

but, my lecturer, mr nazeri asked a gud questi0n, how if the situation is durin hujan panas. means its hujan but the temperature is at n0rmal. the detector w0nt detect anythin rite. i startled a lil while. of c0urse i cudnt ans it. s0 he suggested t0 me to put a bar0meter instead of the detect0r bcz a bar0meter can dtect if its g0na rain an0t. s0, even tho the temp is at n0rmal, the bar0meter wil stil detect the rain. hahaa. i din even think b0ut tat b4. huhu.

but then i tink its pretty much gud. cus i 0nly took 2 nytes to finish the wh0le crap. haha. but dunn0 wats sir's 0pinion. he has a very high taste n im not sure wther mine wud b up to his expectati0n an0t. but im hoping. h0ho. so wat do u tink?

well. u seld0m see me cum up wif such idea (f0r me its brilliant cuz im always the NON-CREATIVE type of person).haha.

watever it is. . im 99.99% satisfied .

*my face b4 the presentati0n*
*i n0e.. lameeee..huhu*


kau mengenal hatiku_by franky sihombing

hanya dekat kasihmu Bapa
jiwaku pun tenteram
Engkau menerimaku
dengan sepenuhnyaaa

walau dunia melihat rupa
namun kau memandangku
sampai kedalaman hatikuuu

Tuhan inilah yg ku tahu
kau mengenal hatiku
Jauh melebihi semua
yg terdekat sekalipun
Tuhan inilah yang kumahu
kau menjaga hatiku
supaya kehidupan memancar senantiasaaa~~


lately i've been p0stin lyrics 0ut. hemm. never mind la kn?
as l0ng as we creditd the singer lakn..heheee
but the s0ng up ter is one my fav0urites seyesly..
it helps me al0t thru my ups n d0wns. n im seyesly feelin d0wn aite now..
hohoo. teens . alwiz lyke tat .
we see t0o much. tink t0o much . n act t0o much.
hell. tis week supp0sedly to b busy
LK pr0jects. 2 maths assignments. electr0nic lab rep0rt.
next m0nday fluid test. wuaaa~~
tis week is supp0sedly to b my hell week.
but then i dun hv the semangat t0 go thru it.
kay la. i cn say i stil can stay up at nyt to do wat i can do.
but the semangat tu ba. itu yg paleng best an? hohooo.
God saves me fr0m th0se BAD stuff.
w0oolalalaa wahai semangat. cepat2la k0 dtg.. semangat! semangat!
ahhh.. i guess i need to listen repeatedly to the ab0ve song..
its my semngat song ba.. hahaa
well bef0re my fingers getting gatal to type 0ut stupid stuff tat i dun think i cn share wif the w0rld, i better go n c0ntinue my pending pr0jects n watsoeavahhhhh~

*__*------->tis is the face of a lamer. im soo lameee~


I'm Like A Bird_by Nelly Furtado..

You're beautiful, that's for sure
You'll never ever fade
You're lovely but it's not for sure
That I won't ever change
And though my love is rare
Though my love is true

I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is
(and baby all I need for you to know is)
I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
I don't know where my soul is , I don't know where my home is
All I need for you to know is

Your faith in me brings me to tears
Even after all these years
And it pains me so much to tell
That you don't know me that well
And though my love is rare
Though my love is true


It's not that I wanna say goodbye
It's just that every time you try to tell me that you love me
Each and every single day I know
I'm going to have to eventually give you away
And though my love is rare
And though my love is true
Hey I'm just scared
That we may fall through

*this is the v0ice of my heart..*
5 stars t0 this songg...



God. i love people. but i love u the m0st.

Bless my life n f0rgive my sins
In God's precious name i pray.. Amen..


dream n reality

the otha day..
i contactd back wif a gud fren of mine
she's currently under a jpa pr0gramme
n will b flying t0 uk in a fw m0nths to cum
i'm happy f0r her of c0urse. i really d0
its just tat im thinkin b0ut me
i shudve been t0gther wif her n 0thas. i wanna catch my dream..
of c0urse i appreciate wat i hv rite nw
tis is sumtink like my dream t00
bt my real dream is ter.wat i want is wat tey r havin rite nw.. huhuu. i n0e i shudnt but i do regret a lil bit of my past. i mean in tis academics area.. i dunn0 y i cant do well afta i left 0ut high sk0ol. i dun even hv the smangat t0 study like bf0re.it chnge al0t..

but then , y want to talk b0ut the past aite?
wat's important is the future. kay, its n0tink xtualy. myb theres sumtink awaits f0r me here.
i dunn0.myb tis is gods plan f0r me. hohoo. bt i realy do hope n try so tat in the future i wud gt t0 catch my dream t0 pursue my study abr0ad.myb n0t in tis 3 years t0 cum but after.. well
we might x noe..huhuuu. God, please let it be in ur 0wn ways~

do u noe wer i wana b ryt n0w??i wana b at a waterfall in a quiet , peaceful jungle.. wer i can 0nly hear the s0unds of its waterr fl0wing . . i'l just sit 0n the rocks n watch the fallen h2o. n w0nt say a w0rd. tat is s0oo me. the s0und of the water is s0 l0ud tat we tink tat the place is excitin but xtualy its empty. it makes n0ise but no 0ne is ter. only me n me. well tat is if u dun c0unt the s0und of the fauna in..heheh.
i realy wana b ter one day. waterfall. wif0ut any n0ise p0llution..
only its roar. my family wud b c0untd in . frens t0o. n emmmm....
i dunn0. whoever i want to b c0untd in..hehe
anyways,i stil wud lov to b at d beach. its fun i n0e.
haha. has any1 evah thot of being in the space?i mean the 0uter space? i wonder.. ahahha
okay.my fav the-must-do xtvty has cum. sleeppp!! yeehaaa~~~
till then!=D



yesterday went 0ut wif jess.r0s.kak mas.
we went t0 afew places. r0s n jess were l0ngin for cardigans. hahaaa.
while they hunt f0r tat, i br0wsed a few t0ps.
hahaaa. thn i tried it 0ut in fitting r0om.
i rmmber th0se tym wif chin.jess tey all. we'l squeeze up in a fittin r0om n try out any desired t0ps n then we xchange pulakk..hahaaa
well. i wanted t0 buy bt then to think back. there's n0 need.
i still have a fresh new 0ne in my closet. hahhaaaa.
the day was x enuf. we want m0reee
bt since r0s cud bring us anywhere afta tis, 0kela
owya. ysterday i dr0ve us for awhile bt it was madness.
tey l0okd at me wif w0rries. hahaaaa.
guess i need to really sharpen my skills. ahahaha.
so at last r0s t0ok ovah my placee. hehee.


missin my babe damn much.. wuaa~
he is s0ooo irresistable. gawd im missin himdamn much~
whn he wants sumtink, he'l realy g0 for it. he d0esnt care if he has t0 try f0r d0zen times. n if he still fail, he'l use an0tha strategy. h0w amazin! n when he cries, it'l 0nly takes him a fw sec0nds bf0re sum0ne wil go n attend t0 wat he wants~ he has tat p0wer of attractin pep t0 him wif0ut even tryin s0o much. . phewww~tis lil guy is sumtin u n0e.
n he's super active f0r his age t0o i'm tellin ya. he'l d0 wateva cums in his mind n0 matter how tired he is. he'l try t0 grab anytin in fr0nt of him, he'l run here n ter wif his little so called 'car'..haha. n u cant let him al0ne by himself 0n the fl0or, bed wats0evah. he wil crawl all 0va d place n wipe clean the fl0or by himself. wakakaaa. n he wil expl0re every inch of places wif0ut even feelin scared. . man tis guy must hv high curi0sity~
but then tat makes me fall in laf wif him. he is s0 'manly' in his 0wn way. tis lil baby .
cant wait to b wif him again.
0h god, bless tis lil baby 0f 0urs~he is the 0nly 0ne in the family n u keep a g0od care of him. cuz he's 0ur sweetheart n we want the best f0r him.
~sayang damian abit~


burnin the nite oil

an0tha nite wif burnin 0il
well i cudnt say anythin anyway
pe0ple, tis is life so bear wif it. w0rk,w0rk, w0rk n work ..
im just glad tat s0 far my life has x been tat stress. so far so gudd. ahahaaa
i was feelin a lil bit agitated bf0re . bt i guess its owkey d.
sleep is ol i need . hihihi.
time t0 sleep baby b0o. th0ugh i still hv a pretty gud am0un of caffein inside my veins.
i stil need tat sleep 4 2mor0. hoho.
lets h0pe 2moro wud b better than 2dae..

ps : i g0t a feelin tat sumbody's thinkin b0ut me. n0t so sure bt the instinct is ter.. myb its me .. or myb n0t.. or mybe i need t0 sleep right away.huhu. chiaoows!


wat d0es it xtualy mean by w0rd FUN?
by drinkin l0ngan ice?

im feeling agitated. dunn0 y..


hectic days in row

well. its been hectic these few days.. n i was tired.
xpecialy the last weekend. i went 0ut wif a few gals.. we went to kak she's n zati's h0uses..
pergi raya..ngeeeh. memang best~ my st0mach dah sendat gila babeng.
the f0od was especially great. l0ve the kek lapis, the nasi himpit n everytink..
but the next day, the guilt ate me back. hahaaa. cuz my fats dah naik a few inches..
but then.. i believe n0body wud care except f0r me.haha.

i din even wanna wake up on monday monink. huhu.
n yesterday was n0t tat gud cuz headache attacked me twice.
i dun even n0e y.. its a slow yet painful attack.
n kt0rg ada presentati0n titas juga . hemmm..
as l0ng as ive d0ne ma j0b.then the rest cn g0 to hell.huhuhu. .
m preparin f0r the comin fluid quiz n math test.
great!bof cumin 2gtha.. n eat me like i ate th0se food bf0re..
heemmm.rather than talkin crap ere. i better be off t0 fnish readin th0se crap..
wats the diff anyway?fr0m crap to an0tha..
huhuhu.my mind angol ody. i bter b off.
till nxt tym.muahh


burning the nyt 0il