the 2nd week after holiday.
and the 1st week of march.
time do run faster today than yesterday.huhuuu.
anyway, last week as i mentioned, i sat for a few tests and quizzes.
math was kind of stressing. i managed to answer all of the questions though.
there were 4 of them. but today, miss told us that 99.99% of the class didn't get the last question right. noe y??
just simply because we didnt understand the technical english in that question.
we didnt get what were the hints given in the question and thus misinterpreted it.
i thought i did it right but guess it wasn't my luck.
but i really hope the 1st few questions would help me. . huhuhuuuu

and chemistry... . well, i've no comment on that.
could say it's not that stressing, but i don't know how dr. ruby's goin to mark it. . cuz i did stuck on a few simple questions. i noe but i dun remember it! that's the problem there.
hopefully it's not goin to be as bad as what i'm imagining. .

last friday was a public holiday. . so, a few of my buddies asked me to go for an outing.
guess where we went??
jong's crocodile farm!! hahahaaa
the place was not that exciting but the frens were~
hahaaa. we had fun after all those bizzare tests and quiz. . huhuuu..
after "washing" our eyes with the crocs, alligators, kambing, birds etc, we went for dinner somewhere in town. . then we went for a movie. we had a small argument on what movie to watch. . ahahaa.
and so we end up choosing "the book of eli".
it was an interesting one cuz the theme of the movie was more about bible and christianity. it's about a man who is on his journey to a safe place where he can make sure the bible won't fall into irresponsible hands because that king james version of bible is the last copy on earth after a very very bad war/disaster happened on the earth that killed most of human kind and those who are alive live in an uncivilized manner.

so .. this week is going to be rough too. with tests..
and a lil bit of assignments i might add. .
but then. no reason to be complaining about it.
let's face it with faith. . may God bless us all~